Our Mission Statement

Sunshine Baking Company's mission is to make delicious, fresh baked goods and provide opportunity for those with special needs to work in an environment that promotes a fulfilling experience for all. 

Who are we? 

Sunshine is made up of a team with a passion for those in the special needs community and delicious baked goods. We desire to see everyone's lives improved through a community mindset and good food that brings us together. 

What do we do? 

Our staff comes in each day to make from scratch every biscuit, croissant, cookie and brownie. We take pride in putting in the time to give you that homemade taste in each treat you enjoy. 

Why do we do it? 

Undoubtedly we all know or have someone in our lives in the special needs community. They have given us great delight and hope through their joy and perseverance. We want to give back to those who have made an impact on us by providing them an opportunity to be in our community working right along with us. We hope you share this vision and partake in this endeavor with us!


Now Open!!!

7705 S Walker Ave 

OKC, OK 73179


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Tues - Fri: 6am - 4pm

Sat: 7am - Noon


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